Oil Water Separators for the most stringent discharge requirements

Oil Water Separators – Separation Efficiency

The Oil Water Separators (OWS) is modular, engineered oil/water separator that can easily be integrated with other equipment to meet the industrial user’s needs.

The treatment system’s single stainless steel tank assembly saves valuable floor space and time during installation. Designed to continuously skim the water’s surface to remove even the faintest trace of oil. Once intercepted, the oil is then transferred to a containment compartment where it can be removed easily. A sludge draw-off valve is located on the back of the unit where collected solids can be discharged.

The OWS is the perfect solution for very low (PPM) discharge level situations required for industrial plants, commercial garages, and cleaning applications. The OWS 500 is capable of delivering discharges under 10 PPM.

oil water separator

OWS 15

oil water separator systems

OWS 30

OWS At-A-Glance

  • Simple, above-ground installation
  • No filters, or chemicals – simple design
  • Continuous skim assures of client separation
  • Easy modification allows wash water to be recycled
  • Simple, minimal maintenance

For industrial plants, commercial garages, and cleaning applications.

OWS Features

  • All 304L stainless steel & polypropylene construction for years of durable, low maintenance operation
  • 12 gauge construction throughout
  • Critical seams and structural reinforcement with 12 gauge
  • Durable TIG welded
  • NEMA4 electrical components (UL):
    • All IEC Allen-Bradley electrical components
    • NEMA4 electrical enclosure
    • All devices protected with dedicated circuit breakers
  • System plumbing:
    • 304L SS tank with brass valves, and PVC fittings
    • Glass reinforced polypropylene fittings and valves
    • Chemical resistant hoses and elastomers
  • System shall not include:
    • Mild steel components in any wetted sections
    • Brass components on any wetted section
  • Water recovery:
    • Via optional diaphragm pump for use with above ground pad:
      -3/4 ph electric diaphragm pump
      -Pump is self-priming from dry start lift of 12ft
      -Run dry indefinitely without damage
      -Pump capable of moving liquids with up to 50% solids
      -Pump capable of scavenging water without flooded head
    • Via optional sump pump for use with in-ground collection pit:
      -1/2 ph sump pump constructed from durable cast iron materials
      -Impeller shall be semi-open not clog type
      -Designed for continuous operation

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