Basic information on the types of cleaning often used when preparing metal pretreatment parts for handling or finishing.

Options when selecting solutions for enhanced adhesion, improved corrosion and blister resistance, and reduced interactions.

How to recover your process solution, remove contaminants to greatly extend solution life, or safely discharge effluent.

Metal Pretreatment, Uniform Conversion Coating, Surface Preparation

Wash Water Capture, Metal Pretreatment, and Recovery Systems

Cleaning and metal pretreatment of parts in production, metal pretreatment prior to painting, powder coating, and plating operations all share one requirement: efficient solution application, superior rinse, and recycling. Riveer offers wash and recycling systems to accomplish these tasks quickly, effectively, and safely. Riveer pretreatment, washing, and degreasing systems are engineered to efficiently use and recycle your preferred cleaning solutions, be it a degreaser or phosphate, zirconium, nano. . . you name it. No propriety chemicals required. Use what’s best for your process. . . and your pocketbook. . . with Riveer Pretreatment and Metal Parts Washing systems.

Riveer Tactical Rinse System Deployed to Indonesia.

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Choose Automatic or Manual Spray Wand Metal Pretreatment Operations

The Riveer line of Metal Pretreatment Systems spans the requirements of today’s compliant manufacturing operations. Our process capture, treatment, and recovery systems are designed to optimize water and water-based solutions to clean, degrease or pretreat just about every part used throughout your facility.

From manual spray wand (pressure washer wand) processes to fully automated wash systems, Riveer’s experienced engineers and salespeople can help save time, resources and chemicals while also improving production rates, process repeatability, part cleanliness and operating within a zero-discharge environment.