Pretreat System Training & Support


Expertise in Metal Pretreatment, Industrial Washing Systems and Solution Recovery

Product Support

Riveer is known for providing durable, turnkey industrial cleaning solutions. From our first client contact through equipment decommissioning, we bring more than 30 years of experience in industrial parts cleaning to the table.  With decades of experience, we are able to define the solution that best meets your needs and budget.

We understand that parts and equipment cleaning is a critical part of every company’s operations. Regardless of whether the cleaning operation is part of your manufacturing process or equipment PM, it is paramount that your cleaning equipment operates flawlessly all day, every day.

Designed for Ease of Use

With an initial goal to design products that were simple to use and maintain, our “easy to use” design ideology has become integral to our corporate philosophy. Starting with rugged, reliable product designs and ISO 9001 quality standards, we have further addressed our client’s needs with robust, customer centric support and training programs. Our dedication and hard work has resulted in extraordinarily high levels of customer satisfaction in all of our business segments. Today, more than 34% of our business comes from existing, satisfied clients. Our focus on simplicity has resulted in virtual one button operation of complex water handling systems.


The first step to obtain optimum uptime is operator training.  When we install a system, we train your operators in the proper and safe operation of the equipment. To ensure long term performance, we also work with you to develop a customized maintenance plan that supports your installation and duty cycle.

Proper operation and handling of cleaning byproducts are required for environmental compliance. Water pressure, filtration mechanisms and waste disposal requirements vary with each system. With highly customized products, it is important to train personnel in the operation of your specific system.

We realize that a change in personnel can result in a loss of process control knowledge. Our support of your system does not stop when the equipment is installed. We consider ongoing training and client support one of the most important contributors to our business success. You have our personal commitment to always provide you with the outstanding support you deserve. Extended support agreements, on-site training and customized support agreements are all available and fairly priced.

Product Upgrades

As product lines change and technologies evolve, you may find yourself needing to upgrade or modify your cleaning equipment to meet new production requirements. Our engineering staff can help you evaluate the most economical approach for moving forward. If you’re contemplating a change, let us know.

Environmentally Compliant Systems

Environmental regulations are, to say the least, a moving target. Today, government agencies are increasingly focused on industrial pollutants and the byproducts of cleaning operations. Complex and detailed, regulations are often difficult to understand. A full understanding of the regulations is all that stands between you and hefty fines or criminal penalties.

While operators are integral to the correct operation of the equipment and disposal of cleaning byproducts, our simple to use system removes the guess work by providing clear, efficient procedures to implement and use. When we install a system we provide you with the training needed to ensure you can operate your equipment with confidence.

With a commitment to providing products that meet your continuing needs, our compliance engineers are constantly reviewing government requirements to ensure that our equipment meets both the letter and spirit of the law. Our staff is what keeps both you and the environment safe.

Replacement Parts and Consumables

Riveer is a single source for engineering, installation and service. With a commitment to 24/7 support we maintain a large inventory of replacement parts and maintenance items which are available for same day shipment. Our staff can help you plan your onsite parts and supplies inventory to meet your uptime needs and PM requirements.

Riveer cleaning systems use off the shelf, non-proprietary chemicals and industry standard parts. With chemistries available from a wide range of sources, you can find the best price and quantities appropriate for your operations.